What Scientists Discovered About Black Holes In 2021 - 3 Hour Compilation

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Shared October 3, 2021

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Hello and welcome! I’m away for a week moving recording studio to a new location, so here is a compilation video about major black hole discoveries from the last few months!
You can find more details including the papers and relevant image data in each of the following videos:

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Very interesting content!! Please keep up the amazing work!

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Linux Bear

I heard there’s huge black hole inside Uranus

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Don't really want a channel

Why don’t you watch it first before making assumptions and down voting

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Boca Chica / "Starbase Texas"

Anton seems off his game. I hope he aint got the covy! ❤️

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U Need 2 Know

and NO BODY thinks its suspicious that in the last 5 or so years, black holes went from a black spot-hard to detect in the sky, to the “event horizion” being lit up like a Christmasree with Cree LEDs, and now white holes? now all we need is brown and pink holes so its fair for all (that sounds more perverted than intended), they went from gravity so strong light cant escape, to look how pretty they are

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Did he have to sneeze a couple times…

lol Covid…

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Popcorn Power

OK. I personally am noping out of a 3 hour compilation. Especially since I have already watched almost all of your earlier videos for 2021.

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Yeah, science is making it as they go.

True or not ? We are just asked to BELIEVE.

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Don't really want a channel

Would appreciate real comments on the content

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Rustic Furniture and Sundry Items

the atheists spaghetti monster dark matter, dark energy. something that cannot be found, felt, held, understood, but they REALLY REALLY believe it exists.

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Anthony Dean

This is something I have been thinking for some time, that the event horizon is a light-like event (45 deg or sqrt(2) position) where matter changes from real to imaginary (and the imaginary is dark matter), but there would be some matter inside the black hole, and some dark matter outside - the event horizon is just where the majority changes from matter to dark matter.

Also that dark matter is very similar fermionic matter to standard model (multiple particles) just they are space-like or imaginary (space and time reversed) to normal standard model. E.g. the one thing they are not is bosonic, but they would have their own boson force carriers that act hyperbolic to bosons we know.

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Prase the sun and moon?? I’m out & downvoted. I already know where the stupidy is going.

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