Venus: Discoveries and Surprises of 2021 - 2 Hour Compilation

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Shared October 7, 2021

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Hello and welcome! I’m away for a week moving recording studio to a new location, so here is a compilation video about Venus discoveries from the last few months!
You can find more details including the papers and relevant image data in each of the following videos:

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RDRIVER TANKS and War Thunder!

Liking your compilations!! Incredible images! Wish you didn’t plug AMAZON, The number one destroyer of our planet through: Pollution from FASTer delivery that wastes more fuel and energy, use of chinese goods which rape the planet for profit at up to 20xs the rate of other countries AND supports censorship and deplatforming. They also push the consumer lifestyle that is not sustainable and destruction of local merchants and markets. To hell with AMAZON!!! This is not the place to support those things. You are a smart guy, And I like your content, wake up to the bigger picture! Be on the right side of history.

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Just a guy with an opinion that means nothing.

phosphene is a sign that Venus is a jungle planet lush with plant life. they are lying to us.

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Just a guy with an opinion that means nothing.

we’ll discover Venus is a lush jungle planet and they lied to us to protect their vacation homes on Venus and prevent migration to that planet.

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