Turns Out, There Is a Way to Nuke a Dangerous Asteroid As a Last Resort

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Shared October 13, 2021

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new simulation showing that we could use nuclear weapons to protect the planet from certain types of dangerous asteroids

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Comments (19)


Nah… Asteroïds are cancelled because of the coof.

3 days ago | thumb_up 7 thumb_down 0

Truth Point videos which pierce the Darkness

Thanks for sharing this content.

3 days ago | thumb_up 3 thumb_down 0


Yes asteroids are real, obviously. All they show you is computer generated images though. Im not interested in delusions like cults and religions thx

2 days ago | thumb_up 3 thumb_down 2


They gonna blow up a cgi asteroid with a cgi nuke. Yep, that should work great

3 days ago | thumb_up 3 thumb_down 8


No. I just hate bullshit dressed up to be real real. If they want to show us something, perhaps they could just show it. Not ‘recreate’ it for your entertainment

2 days ago | thumb_up 3 thumb_down 0

The Cost of XD

So what you’re saying is you hate computers and people who upload education content with CGI?

2 days ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 1


We should test this first to see if it works. Nuke the Moon!

2 days ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 0

حلم فراشة


2 days ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 0

ScottStories Dot Org

And even if it doesn’t work, the media can just say the asteroid is a right wing plot.

2 days ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 0


🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

2 days ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 0

ScottStories Dot Org

It depends. Like if they pick the wrong mod or they have the wrong version of Forge it might not work.

15 hours ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 0


Hydrogen bomb or conventional nuclear bomb? Matter shoves.

2 days ago | thumb_up 1 thumb_down 0

ScottStories Dot Org

I’m reminded of minecraft when I was playing with cgm’s gun mod and the bazooka. A mod I added was creating lag because it was generating five new entities a second in one block. My idea was, if I blow up that spawner, the lag should disappear.

“explosions fix everything!” –Nabeshin

Yeah, didn’t work out. Instead I created a few thousand spinning blocks around the spawner and made things ten times worse. So hopefully the asteroid we nuke doesn’t have a spawner.

2 days ago | thumb_up 1 thumb_down 1

The Weirdness is the norm

I thought they were canceled because of mean tweets on twatter? Wait no, it was that they said a female looked pretty in a dress and they got #metoo’ed. Damn it is so hard to track this stuff.

2 days ago | thumb_up 1 thumb_down 0

The Cost of XD

Computers exist, so Religion is not fake and asteroids are fake… delusion 100

2 days ago | thumb_up 1 thumb_down 2


Prepare to get hit by radioactive asteroids.

1 day ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0


Let’s steer one towards DC, they won’t be missed.

1 day ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0

ScottStories Dot Org

Probably. At least somebody will be happy about it.

16 hours ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0

Sleve McDichael

And right wingers will just say it’s God’s plan, call it the rapture, and welcome death.

22 hours ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0