Planet Earth Is Dimmer And Reflects Less Light Since The 1990s

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Shared October 14, 2021

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that discovers the troublesome decrease of albedo of planet Earth in last two decades

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I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the chem-trails they’ve dumped on us from the 1990’s till now.

1 month ago | thumb_up 10 thumb_down 4


just some more climate scientists trying to get funding for their lab - wouldn’t stand much of a chance of getting $$ if their data showed the opposite

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All this because of coof. Coof and only coof. Always coof. Coof Forever. 🔥 🔥 🔥

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Inquiring mind

Thank you for this presentation Anton. Could this dimming be caused by the earth becoming greener? I noticed the “Clear Sky Albedo” map showing more reflection from the deserts than the vegetated areas so shrinking of the deserts should result in less reflection.

1 month ago | thumb_up 8 thumb_down 1


Thank you so much for such a well written post, it really did summarize such a complex topic down to just the bare minimum needed to explain it.

1 month ago | thumb_up 7 thumb_down 2


IMO this study will turnout to be complete rubbish….However a half watt increase in solar absorption translates to something like a .05 % increase. This enough to explain away all of the claimed global warming and then some without CO2 having anything to do with it….And no CO2 cannot change the Earth albedo. CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and is only opaque to a narrow wavelength of IR light.

1 month ago | thumb_up 6 thumb_down 1


earth becoming greener sounds like one plausible reason to me, together with the expansion of cities

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Intelligence preservation society

Next you need to do a video with Dane Wiggenton from & talk about the actual reason this has happened. Geoengineering using sprayed atmospheric particles. Seriously. Jet engines dont get less efficient over the years.

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Intelligence preservation society


1 month ago | thumb_up 2 thumb_down 1


do you have any proof of that?

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raw heavenly photos

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globale 2m is the best in the would channel

nace go 🚀

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Velyaminov's pig pen

The measurements are made with uncalibrated instruments.

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ScottStories Dot Org

I kept watching and I was like talking at the screen “Ok yeah, get to the part where David Bowie died.”

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I could imagine is way less than that

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Mofo call me a shine.

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Hmm, interesting and I am wondering if that is related to Global Dimming? The fact that as a society we banned CFC and lessened pollution from coal-fired power stations led to less pollution in the atmosphere, meaning less light is reflected. This also means the solar radiation could be stronger too.

1 month ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0

The Intellectual Wilderness

Possible. There could be a number of reasons, though, so I wouldn’t limit any specific interpretation of why, but rather try to understand whether this has any general effect we can understand from the 500km altitude view of the Earth.

For example, if the albedo of Earth goes down, temperatures, at least in the atmosphere, should increase. If they increase then the atmosphere itself will expand and be pushed further into space and loss of atmospheric gas to space should increase as the depth of the atmosphere increases. Is this a thing we have the ability to measure? etc. This isn’t the only place I would start looking, but this is the kind of thing I would start looking in to while trying to verify this data and general idea.

Fortunately the kind of questions I want to ask are general planetary science questions and therefore far less politically charged than the climate change grant industry, and therefore possible to investigate not just on Earth, but study on other planets as well so we could get some comparison.

As for greening specifically, a similar effect may be occurring in the ocean, but I don’t think we have good data on that just yet. We also don’t know what the general effects of greening might be over time – increased humidity through additional inputs to the water cycle through plant perspiration and local organic thermal processes may either generally heat the planet or generally cool it depending on how cloud cover actually interacts with climate (as Anton mentioned in the video, there are two directly opposed interpretations of these effects!).

I’m just so glad there is an interest in this stuff beyond Climate Change™ panic and political grift.

1 month ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 0


Ever since I read the hacked emails of climate scientists sending each other emails on how to manipulate data for more funding; I just don’t trust science as much as I used to. Especially with the TV telling me to “trust the science”, I now trust science even less than before. Whatever the TV says… the opposite is usually true.

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what percentage of earths orbit is cluttered? any line ups with satalites and stuff? i know its not likely to do much but 0.5%?

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Prussian Heathen

Humans have converted millions of square kilometre of forests and wetlands into drier fields and cities. This reduces evaporative cooling and results in less water vapour available for clouds, particularly fog.

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