Mysterious Hamilton's Object Finally Has an Interesting Explanation

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Shared October 11, 2021

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an explanation of a strange phenomenon known as the Hamilton’s Object

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Space is a funhouse mirror, with more twists and turns than anyone can conceive.

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Yawn squared.

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Imagine a lot of a substance we cannot see, detect, prove, you know, pretend stuff.

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I wonder if systems can evolve where black holes orbit a massive black hole like a solar system.. I didn’t stick with learning physics to a point where astrophysics of that sort was discussed. Seems to me that a pane of glass can reflect off both sides.. And the edge.. perhaps a gravitational lens with fairly flat sides and a defined edge could produce a mirroring and reflecting.. be interesting to watch for a few thousand years and see if some changing in the aspect of the lens makes the mirror or reflection, brighten dim or disappear… could someone alive in 3021 check on it for me.. doubt I’ll last that long

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IDK you can claim to have explained an object with another object that you can’t explain what it is or prove it exist….In any case I think a cosmic string could also explain Hamilton’s Object and though never yet observed cosmic strings are predicted to have been created in the early universe. Whereas there is no physical explanation for what Dark matter is or how it could possibly exist.

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ScottStories Dot Org

If the Multiiverse is a hypersphere, whether or not those objects “exist” is up for debate. And whether or not it’s just light being bent is also.

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ScottStories Dot Org

Time clumps do weird stuff.

I’ll explain.

If this is all a projection (and it almost certainly is) then time isn’t a theory or a by-product or all in our heads or relative or any of that. Time is the entire point to everything. Time is our purpose. We exist to be projected and display time. If this is just a projection, everything is time.

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Funny you mention this, it reminds me of something I read and saw a clip about how the New Horizons probe is now so far away that NASA aim’d it at some closer galaxies and nebula to see if there is any change in perception of different one if any, in the clip they showed one of our closer neighbors. It was real cool to see the very few stars move that are basically the foreground of the clip.

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The Smiths Of Liberty

Here’s an explanation… it’s a doctored image. 😮 🚀

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Who knows?

Hi Anton. I love you content, but for several weeks (or months?, not sure) the sound on your videos recording has been very, very disturbing. It sounds like the microphone or some other part of the recording process is being over driven causing distortion, presumably “clipping”. Turning down the volume at my end does not help; the distortion remains the same. Can you check it? Does anyone else experience this? I was hoping it would get noticed and corrected, but I thought it was time to mention it.

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