Important 2021 Discoveries About Various Planets - Video Compilation

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Shared October 4, 2021

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Hello and welcome! I’m away for a week moving recording studio to a new location, so here is a compilation video about major planetary discoveries from the last few months!
You can find more details including the papers and relevant image data in each of the following videos:

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Great work on the compilation, thanks Anton.

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5G Causes COVAIDS and Germ Theory is Bull Shit

All nonsense

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3hours 😮 Great to listen while playing FF XIV ^^

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An Angel with broken wings.

All nonsense, I accept none of this Bullshit

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Spec Ops Gear

Shits flat yo

1 month ago | thumb_up 1 thumb_down 1

Spec Ops Gear

Lol @ whoever disliked this video.

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An Angel with broken wings.

Yupp ,someone should tell these guys . ,, cheers Gabriel. ☀️

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OK this is the first compendium that I have watch, and it was utterly fascinating. 3 hours may seem a lot but actually I was not bored at all. So great job Anton. Spasiaba !

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