Using BITCOIN in EL SALVADOR | First Impressions

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Shared October 13, 2021

One month ago El Salvador signed a law to make Bitcoin legal tender. I wanted to see for myself exactly how this is working, starting off with my first impressions in San Salvador.
I’ll be here for one month traveling around El Salvador, please leave any questions you have in the comments below.


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Bitcoin forever

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The Sock

Should be a good run on BTC till everyone realises its not that secure, with BTC now tied to centralization means surveillance by governments. 👖

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I’ll move to the country that makes monero legal tender

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2:22 Those companies have almost nothing to do with this. The El Salvador government essentially forced them to accept Bitcoin. Obviously, since this is about them getting paid AND the government guarantees they can exchange it for global oil dollars they aren’t resisting this move. The companies deserve NO PRAISE. President Bukele deserves most of it for putting his name beside this bold move on the oil dollar-driven global finance stage. Here’s hope that the history books will give him the credit he deserves. 🔥

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4:38 Governments and regulatory bodies want to track you to make sure you don’t use your funds for anything they don’t like. You might be inclined to think that is tax evasion, crime, etc., but think again. You can become a political enemy without knowing it. Bitcoin is not and never was anonymous, it was always pseudonymous because it uses a permanent fully public ledger. If a BTC account is ever linked to your real world identity, anybody can look at all your past transactions that you made with that account. A Monero-BTC bridge can’t come soon enough. If anybody reading this can link to something useful related to this (Monero, Bitcoin mixer, etc.), please post links as a reply. Thanks.

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Loved the video! Would be also great to hear retailers’ opinions and customers’ impressions

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