The Suspicious Disappearance Of Angela Green | Interview w/ Family Member Michelle

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Shared October 13, 2021

Today we talk about the suspicious disappearance of Angela Green who went missing in June 20th of 2019. She was last seen in Tomahawk Road in Prairie Village, Kansas. Family member & lawyer Michelle sat down to an interview in order to give us more insight into the missing person’s case.
She has also sent up a GoFundMe page to bring justice to Angela Green, please check out the page
(Exact info on gofundme page at timestamp 10:45)

Michelle’s TikTok

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Profiling Evil

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Feel so bad for this family, not having answers. I hope they find out what happened.

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Thanks for talking about this case. Hope the family finds her alive and well. The way he treated everyone and lied should make Geoff a suspect. He was the last one to talk with Angela before going missing. So, he should be investigated.

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